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Found!! Original artist par excellence – Aleks Kargopoltsev

A scarletcanvas exclusive! Fresh off the easel of Aleks Kargopoltsev!!!

Fresh off Alek's easel

I just simply have to write about Aleks Kargopoltsev. Ever since I stopped at his studio during my LaConner, Skagit Valley, WA trip a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t stopped talking about the extraordinary paintings I saw or thinking about these exceptional paintings…..

Woman with Violin, Aleks Kargopoltsev

The woman with violin was a sort of deja-vu moment for me. In one of my earlier blogs I wrote that as an art buyer, we need to look for the personal connection with the artwork and with this painting, it just happened to me! It was like finding a soulmate!

But let us talk about the artist who created this magic. Aleks moved to the US in 1993 from Russia. By the age of 4, Aleks was drawing and by age 13 passed the rigorous tests that allowed him to enter an art school in his home town of Kostroma, about 200 miles northeast of Moscow. He paints landscapes and seascapes in plein air, portraits, cubist, abstract, contemporary – it is almost like, name it and you’ll find it at Aleks’ studio!

Aleks at work in his studio

Aleks' studio @ LaConner

Here is a sneak peek into some of Alek’s versatile creations – from his cubist recreation of the Last Supper to shades of the nature that he so loves….

Last Supper, Aleks Kargopoltsev

Portrait of Sveta, Aleks Kargopoltsev

Landscape, Japanese Gulch, Aleks Kargopoltsev

Seascape, Crashing Waves, Aleks Kargopoltsev

You can find more of Alek’s paintings here at his website:

Since settling in Arlington, Washington, Aleks has taught at the Andersen Center in Edmonds, Mukilteo, Tri-Dee in Mt. Vernon, The Gene Nastri Community School of the Arts, and Alek’s Studio and Art Gallery in La Conner. If you want to get in touch with Aleks or visit his studio or take classes from him, here are the details:

Alek’s contact details:

Aleksandr Kargopoltsev
Studio Location: 106 S.First Street, Suite B, LaConner, WA 98257
Mailing Address: PO Box 3383, Arlington, WA 98223
Phone: (425)-268-9697

I’ll leave you now to soak into the mesmerizing beauty of Alek’s paintings…

Until next time….


A day with the artists @ Skagit Valley, WA

I set out yesterday on a trip to see the tulips @ Skagit Valley, WA. Yesterday was the last day of the tulip festival and I simply had to catch the fields of wonderful blooms. Setting out early ensured that I successfully avoided the traffic and before noon, I simply had taken photographs of every single tulip in every possible angle and walked around every inch of the field. Hunger pangs led me to the quaint little town of LaConner by the sea. Filled with local artists and original art, I soon forgot why I was even in this town and walked into LaConner Seaside Gallery, this time attracted by another field of tulips, only it was a painting!

LaConner Seaside Gallery

Inside, I met plein-air artist, Mark Bistranin. For those of you wondering if it was a typo in plein-air, it is actually a French expression which means, ‘in the open air’ and is used to describe the act of painting outdoors. But enough art lessons and back to Mark.

Mark Bistranin with his painting

Mark’s paintings, in his own words, “capture and express a sense of place and time.” His paintings, inspired by the Pacific North West, walks viewers through familiar scenes and places they would love to visit time and time again. Mark’s paintings successfully captures the light and reflections that abound in these areas and is a treat to the eyes. If the picture of Mark above with one of his paintings didn’t give you an idea of the contrasts of light and dark that I am talking about, here is more from his collections…..

You can see more of Mark’s painting’s here:

If plein-air, NorthWest inspired paintings are your style, why don’t you walk into LaConner Seaside Gallery @ Skagit Valley or reach out to Mark Bistranin directly?

Mark’s contact details:

Mark Bistranin
17902 Mt. Ridge Drive
Mount Vernon, WA 98274
Phone: (360)-428-0352 (Home), (360)-421-1332 (Cell)

Watch out for more artist features from Skagit Valley, WA in the coming days!

Until next time……

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