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M F Hussain No More

Maqbool Fida Husain,  popularly known as MF, an artist of Indian origin passed away today.  He was called as the Picasso of India and was one of the global faces of the Indian art scene.

May his soul rest in peace.


Featuring Ramesh Jhawar – A highly talented and upcoming water color artist!

Watercolor is one of the most misunderstood painting mediums. Most art lovers and artists do not give this medium the same amount of love and affection as they shower on the oil or acrylic medium. Water color like the other mediums has its strengths and weakness. Truth be told, the water color medium when mastered, can help an artist capture the play of natural light on every day scenes. This medium enables a skillful artist to weave transparent effects into their paintings and empowers the artist to create vibrant and captivating art work.

Scarletcanvas is pleased to feature Ramesh Jhawar, a highly talented watercolor artist from India!

Ramesh Jhawar, Watercolor artist, India

Ramesh, born in India to a traditional and affluent business family defied pressures from his family to follow his heart and passion to become a full time artist. In his own words, “I find a certain joy in painting with watercolors which was missing in other mediums. The luminosity and the vibrancy of the medium is just unmatched.  I have been painting with watercolors for a few  years now and each day it is a new learning experience for me.”

Indian themes, everyday mundane scenes…… these are what Ramesh’s pictures depict. So if you are wondering what might be new here, well….the way Ramesh magically captures the play of light on his subject will leave you enthralled. Wondering what I am talking about? Have a look for yourself……

Vivid Wall, Ramesh Jhawar

Taaza Samachar, Ramesh Jhawar

Marina Chennai - Chennai, Ramesh Jhawar

Calm Pond, Ramesh Jhawar

At The Traffic Light, Ramesh Jhawar

See what I am talking about? Isn’t the shadows, the reflecting lights and the varying colorful hues mesmerizing? Doesn’t it leave you in a state of trance? If you, as an art collector are looking to diversify your collection, I highly recommend you take a look at Ramesh’s work. Ramesh has held several shows and exhibitions and has sold his paintings in numerous countries.

Ramesh’s contact details:

Ramesh Jhawar

Reach out to him, shower him some love, buy his art work and patronize original artists!!!

Until next time…

‘Lady with the lamp’ is not the work of Raja Ravi Varma!

I am back after a couple of week’s hiatus 🙂 And I bring to you three phenomenal artists whose work range from watercolor to photography to oil painting that I’ll write about in the coming days.

But first things first. On April 22nd, I posted a blog titled, ‘Do you want to buy reproduction art?’ In that blog, I had brought to the reader’s attention such masterpieces like Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’, Raphael’s ‘Woman with the veil’, Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ and Raja Ravi Varma’s ‘ Lady with the lamp.’

S.L.Handalkar, 'Lady with the lamp', wrongly attributed to Raja Ravi Varma

And I made a mistake. One of the phenomenal artists’ that I’ll be writing about, Ramesh Jhawar, pointed to me that this painting is by S.L.Handalkar and not Raja Ravi Varma as most of us think. So thank you Ramesh for pointing out the error and I apologize to the readers for putting up a blog that failed to recognize the true artist.

Now that the correction has been made, I have another important task – investigate and find out the origins of this wrong attribution of the fantastic painting to Raja Ravi Varma! A few hours of research kind of leads me to a few possible answers:

1. The original is displayed in Jaychama Rajendra Art Gallery at Jaganmohan palace, Mysore, which houses several of Ravi Varma’s original paintings which could have easily led people into believing that this one too is a Ravi Varma masterpiece. And of course the multiple articles that attribute this to Ravi Varma would have just solidified the myth.

2. Many people believe the model to be a lady from the Kerala royal family (Kerala is a state in Southern India and the place Ravi Varma hails from). And when you think Kerala, which other artist comes to mind other than Ravi Varma? But a note to be made here is that the model too is wrongful attribution and is in fact S.L.Haldankar’s daughter!

3. Ravi Varma is most remembered for his paintings of beautiful sari-clad (an Indian garment popular in Southern India) women. And this painting fits the bill perfectly!!!!!

But at least now I know the truth and am wiser today than yesterday 🙂 And reading this blog, you know this too. So spread the word about S.L.Haldankar and his ‘Lady with the lamp’ so we don’t deny an artist credit that his rightfully his!

BTW, the medium used in the painting is watercolor and the surface on which it is painted is handmade paper. And talking about watercolors, watch out for my blog on Ramesh Jhawar and his spectacular watercolor paintings.

Until next time…

Snohomish county artists get a new home – Schack Art Center opens!


Everett is no longer just the home of Boeing aircrafts. This weekend (Apr 30 and May 1, 2011), with the grand opening of Schack Art Center, downtown Everett is the new destination spot if you have a penchant for local art exhibits.

The opening weekend featured the Nature of Glass exhibits, curated by Traver Gallery ( International glass artists featured their work but to me, the best part was the glass blowing demonstrations by local artists. Nothing enthrals me more than watching an artist use their ingenuity to transform their imagination into a tangible piece of art that then, to the viewer, opens the door to the artist’s mind! And that glimpse into how the art evolved just makes me connect better with the artist and the art.

A sneak preview into the exhibits that are on display until June 9th…..

Mosquito Basket by Preston Singletary

Mosquito Basket by Preston Singletary, Image courtesy Traver Gallery


From East to West: Scene of Japan #39, Hiroshi Yamano

From East to West: Scene of Japan #39, Hiroshi Yamano, Image courtesy Traver Gallery

If reading about the Schack has inspired you to make that trip to downtown Everett right away, remember that Schack is closed tomorrow (May 2nd) but will open to the public starting May 3rd. Visit to learn more about their classes and upcoming events or just drop by – guaranteed you won’t be disappointed!

Until next time….

Will you take this painting home?

Buying a piece of art isn’t easy. It needs courage and conviction because the first question that pops into my head when I want to buy an artwork is, “What will my friends/family think and say when they see this?” I don’t want to be embarrassed by the art that hangs on my wall! And it is intimidating to walk into a gallery to look at a piece of art, let alone buy it. How many times have you walked into an art gallery, paused to look at a painting and hoped and prayed that the artist or art dealer  won’t come and start talking to you about it because you don’t want to appear like a fool? Happens to me every time!

When a painting catches my eye and I fall in love with it, it is not because I could articulate the techniques used by the artist – it is because *I* feel an emotional connection to what *I* see depicted in the painting. I can relate to the art I want to hang on my wall, look at it every single day, show it off to my friends, talk at length about what the painting means to *me* and it is as simple as that.

I stumbled upon the painting posted here when I was looking at some original art work. Titled, ‘Joyous Tears,’ this is a painting by a Seattle artist, Willow Heath. The woman in the picture with tears down her eyes immediately stuck a chord with me. I don’t know the techniques Willow used to create this magical painting but I don’t need to know any of that to hang this on my wall, stare at its magnificence and say to my friends, “Isn’t she beautiful? Look how realistic the tears look? And the flowers…..”

You can find more of Willow Heath’s paintings @

Until next time…….

Better than Mona Lisa?

The mysterious smile of Mona Lisa has beguiled viewers for centuries and is considered the most famous painting in the world. Artists and art lovers around the world rave about the aerial perspective Leanardo introduced, the dramatic contrasts of light and dark, the sensuous curves of the woman’s hair and clothing created through sfumato, etc… etc….

And then last week, I run into a series of pictures posted by a facebook friend depicting rural Indian women. I am neither an artist nor a critique to talk intelligently about the techniques used. But I don’t need to understand any of those to say that this painting was mesmerizing.

With a genteel smile on her face, every single detail on her face and clothing exotically captured, I wouldn’t hold you guilty if at first look you thought this was a photograph!

Watch out for more pictures from this series that I found. And if the original artist crosses my blog or anyone reading this knows the artist, please get in touch with me for I want to make sure the artist gets the recognition well deserved.

Until next time……

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