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Snohomish county artists get a new home – Schack Art Center opens!


Everett is no longer just the home of Boeing aircrafts. This weekend (Apr 30 and May 1, 2011), with the grand opening of Schack Art Center, downtown Everett is the new destination spot if you have a penchant for local art exhibits.

The opening weekend featured the Nature of Glass exhibits, curated by Traver Gallery ( International glass artists featured their work but to me, the best part was the glass blowing demonstrations by local artists. Nothing enthrals me more than watching an artist use their ingenuity to transform their imagination into a tangible piece of art that then, to the viewer, opens the door to the artist’s mind! And that glimpse into how the art evolved just makes me connect better with the artist and the art.

A sneak preview into the exhibits that are on display until June 9th…..

Mosquito Basket by Preston Singletary

Mosquito Basket by Preston Singletary, Image courtesy Traver Gallery


From East to West: Scene of Japan #39, Hiroshi Yamano

From East to West: Scene of Japan #39, Hiroshi Yamano, Image courtesy Traver Gallery

If reading about the Schack has inspired you to make that trip to downtown Everett right away, remember that Schack is closed tomorrow (May 2nd) but will open to the public starting May 3rd. Visit to learn more about their classes and upcoming events or just drop by – guaranteed you won’t be disappointed!

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Look! The murals are talking to you!

Photo by Mariela D

Walking through the city
I stumble upon an alley
With colorful murals and graffiti
O!!! I have arrived at Balmy!!!!!!

Located in the Mission district neighborhood, the murals apparently date back to the 1970s as artists’ expressed their outrage over human rights and political abuses in Latin America. Today, apart from the history lessons, there are juvenile and playful cartoonish murals too that balance the intensity of the immigrant-themed murals.

A peek into the treasure trove at Balmy Alley!!

A huge thank you to Mariela, Carlos, Jessica, Lina, Tony and Margie for these lovely pictures.

I’ve lived in the Bay Area for a few years but didn’t know of this place until recently a friend pointed me this way. Next time you visit the Bay Area, don’t forget to take a stroll down Balmy Alley, enjoy the colorful murals and patronize local art!

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